K-Mart Grease Pot Clarification

The question is - Does your pot have an 'innie' or an 'outie'? Before purchasing the Caldera Cone system for the K-Mart Grease Pot, we want to make sure you are getting the correct item. The K-Mart Grease Pot has the pot lip going outward that is supported by the Caldera Cone. This is sold by Kmart and is labeled the Stanco #GS1200 Grease Strainer. It also has the word GREASE stamped into the pot lid.

The Wally World Grease Pot, sold by Wal Mart and no longer available, has the rim folded in and will not work with this Caldera Cone. This pot was labeled Mirro Grease Saver and has the word GREASE stamped into the side of the pot.

If you have the K-Mart Grease pot (the one on the left) then click BUY NOW to continue.